What we looked like for Eclipse2017

Magical Eclipse Surf? Not really.

August 21, 2017

There were insane waves somewhere on this planet when the clocks flipped to zero during Y2K. When the Mayan calendar came to an abrupt but deafeningly silent end in 2012, there were heaps of barrels to be had on some shore, on some continent on our mother Earth. Likewise, today during the rare occurrence of a total solar eclipse with a path of totality spanning from the United States' Pacific Northwest all the way to the shores of South Carolina, the surf--somewhere--will be pumping.

Like Y2K and 2012, unfortunately, the solar eclipse won't have much magical effect on our sessions today outside of dimming the daylight or, if you timed it right, giving you a rare midday nighttime surfing experience. That is, at least, in the oceanographic sense of the word "magic".

The moon, as it were, just happens to be in its new phase which happens every 28 days, during an eclipse. This is when the "tidal bulge" is at its strongest due to the sun and moon being in alignment. This particular new moon phase peaks yesterday and today, so the corresponding "King tides" will be peaking during the solar phenomenon.

Every surf session should be magical, kooks be damned (we include our own moronic missteps on and off our boards in that statement). But, if you found the fuller tides and the eerie daytime mood lighting added some mystical element to your session today, we certainly won't argue the impact of #eclipse2017. Just send us photos.

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