SURFER Magazine Memories.  Shaun Thomson Nailed It.

SURFER Magazine Memories. Shaun Thomson Nailed It.

May 09, 2018

SURFER Magazine Memories.  Shaun Thomson Nailed It.

By Gavin Hamels


Since last Fall, United Surf has been rolling out our Surfer Magazine apparel collection.  In our initial designs and through all product development, staying true to the heritage of SURFER is our primary focus.  Art, imagery, history and the aura of surf culture are the foundations of SURFER.  Most importantly, that foundation has built lasting memories.

Shaun Thomson put those memories into words in his article from April 28th, “Time Machine.”   While serving in the South African military, Shaun remembers, “the corporal handed me a Surfer my Dad had sent me. A perfect ultra-miniature left broke on a beach somewhere and that magazine immediately took me away from where I was, to exactly where I needed to be. And that is what the magazine has always done for millions of us all around the world. No matter where we have been, it has always taken us somewhere else, to exactly where we needed to be.”

We all remember specific, stunning cover photos from our younger days.  As a San Diego kid going to college in Boston, I looked forward to a new issue of SURFER every month to remind me of home.  It was the mid 90s and new big wave surf spots were being delivered to the surfing masses in the pages of SURFER.  I’ll never forget the moment when I first saw pictures of Mavericks, I was stunned.

Shaun Thomson eloquently captures the passion, culture and style that SURFER represents to him and many others.  Surfing is our passion and we promise to hold on to the culture and style of SURFER Magazine through a collection of art, imagery, and classic SURFER logos.

SURFER Magazine memories, yeah, Thomson nailed it!


See our full SURFER x United Surf collection here.

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